Dream about cat in my home, and I am afraid of cats

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Dream about cat in my home, and I am afraid of cats Empty Dream about cat in my home, and I am afraid of cats

Post by kimberlynalleyne on Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:08 am

On May 31, 2017, I had a very intense dream about a cat being in my home. I think someone left the cat there. I did not buy it. This is weird because in the natural I would never have a cat in my home; I am very afraid of cats.

In one part of the dream, the cat was was white with dark tan patches. In the other part of the dream, the cat was dark gray with green eyes. Again, I am very very afraid cats.

In this dream, the cat was not antagonizing me. I was definitely trying to avoid it, but it just kept appearing in various scenes of the dream in my home. The cat never tried to bite me or attack me, but in a final part of the dream, it relieved itself on my leg.

I was very unprepared to care for the cat, and I realized that I did not have a litter box. In the dream I said to myself, "I know I don't have a litter box, but the cat did not have to relieve itself on my leg."

It was so weird. That was the end of the dream.

My feelings in the dream: calm, unafraid; bewildered and disappointed that it urinated on my leg, but still not afraid.

I appreciate your insights.

Thank you,

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