pouring grapes on someone

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pouring grapes on someone Empty pouring grapes on someone

Post by Joshua116 on Mon Aug 28, 2017 7:43 pm

hello all,

i have not posted here in forever, i've gone through several jobs and have started serving at my Church lately since i last posted

i have been seeking the Lord, asking Him to tell me WHO my wife will be

i have had my eye on several females at my Church, therefore i am confused which is why i ask the Lord

in my dream last night, i dreamt i was at a dinner table with some people, looked like it was people from my Church group

sitting across from me was one of the young ladies i have been asking the Lord about

the vibe was good and i was making good conversation, then at one point she says "What would you think if I did this?" and proceeded to just playfully drop some candy wrappers in a pile in front of me

then i responded by pouring grapes on her head

everyone was laughing or thinking a fight would start

the girl then let me put my hand on her face which i held there for a prolonged period of time

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