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Post by Baisey on Thu Aug 17, 2017 6:21 am

I had a dream wherein i was in one of our country's leading supermarkets to buy cattle intestines(its edible in our culture) i was with my aunt whom in real life i am lodging with and is the caretaker in terms of all of my needs as i am unemployed. There was a huge trolley full of intestines but they were frozen with ice all over and so we had to wait till the ice melts off. Now in that supermarket,one of the shopkeepers went to the storeroom to bring the intestines. I dnt know what happened to the frozen ones,it seems we didn't even have to wait for the ice to melt instead we waited for what i now suppose was fresh intestines from the storeroom- unrefrigerated/slaughter-fresh. I suggested to my aunt that we should move closer to the storeroom because people where begining to crowd around to get the intestines too. We went to wait in front of the storeroom door but when the shop keeper came out with a huge trolley full of the intestines everyone took for themselves and went to the tills to pay. I was disappointed because i did not manage to get any as i feared stampede.and i had thought also that i needed a trolley full of intenstine for myself to be enough to feed the people i want to cook for(in real life i want to cook intestines for the celebration of my birthday- by this i am keeping it simple- its my charecter) but i was suprised to notice that my aunt had a bag full of a cattle's intestines. We walked out the store by the back door. The dream ended as we were walking towards home from the back door of the shop and i was amazed as to how and when did my aunt manage to get the intestines for i did not see her but myself near the trolley.

What could this mean?
Thanks for taking time to read and help brethren.

God 's Love.

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