Dream with swat police coming over my restaurant

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Dream with swat police coming over my restaurant

Post by Escogida on Wed Aug 02, 2017 9:26 pm

In my dream I was in a 3 level house. For some reason the house appeared to be a beach house , the walls & structure seemed flimsy. Even though it was a house, I knew this place was the restaurant my family owns. One scene, shows that we were getting busy frying food like fast food however the cook and his helper were under the counter and I happened to questioned why they were occupying the floor instead of the counter to do the prep. The scene changes and all of the sudden a swat army with heavy man invaded the place claiming that they were looking for drugs. At the moment , I did not fear because I knew in my heart that we had nothing to do with that. The final scene shows that I was going to go to the first level but then I was able to see that I had no access to the first floor since I removed the stairs. At one point in time while being there I got to meet this one guy whom I have been waiting to meet for the longest in real life. At the moment  I said oh by the way I don't like you the way I though I did. The dream stopped there.

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