Multiple volcanic eruptions

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Multiple volcanic eruptions Empty Multiple volcanic eruptions

Post by jncllns2886 on Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:10 pm

Hi! So I have been having some eruption dreams lately, specifically about Mt. Hood. But this particular dream I was grocery shopping when I heard over the loud speaker that 3 eruptions were imminent. 2 of them would mild and the third one being Mt. Hood would be way more lethal. As I got done with the grocery shopping and left the store. The sky was a mix of red and Grey as I looked and saw lava and ash from 2 volcanoes. I then looked at the ground and I was surrounded by a thin layer of lava. I was then met by 2 people whom I never met and they seemed like a married couple and they offered to get me and us away from here. So as we were going along in a car, we all looked and saw Mt Hood erupt. We proceed to drive faster but that was kind of a mistake because we drove right through lava. The lava dropped straight on top of the car. I was sitting in the back seat but I reached forward and touched both peoples shoulders and yelled "LORD SAVE US, LORD SAVE US, LORD SAVE US!" I kinda had a feeling they weren't not Christians because they didn't pray until after I did. It was after that that I woke up.

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