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Mount Rushmore

Post by bluejeankid on Wed Jan 21, 2009 5:54 pm

:HiBye: . In this dream I'm in a bank. My husband and I are sitting at a desk with a bank teller. I'm very frustrated with my husband. I don't know why he made me come to the bank with him. He handed the teller a check and she went to cash it for him. The teller comes back and hands him a small glass bottle with 300 hundred pennies in it. what I look at him and say "Don't tell me you dragged me down here to cash a check for three dollars." Oh yes he did! He wanted to go through them to see if any of them where old and vaulable. The rest he would bring back and exchange for more. "Lets go." I say.

As we get to the door of the bank I realize that I forgot my fuzzy gloves. I tell my husband and turn right around to go back into the bank. As I do the lights go out. The teller tells me its OK, just a power failure. It will be back on shortly. I tell her I forgot my fuzzy gloves on the desk and go to retreive them. On my way back out I :eek: these large calenders laying out. They are made of some kind of transparent paper. They have a picture of Mount Rushmore on them.( The second president(T.J) smiles at me.) :huh: With the colors of Sedona. There are 12 brown squares were the 12 months will be displayed when the calenders are finished.They are beautiful but not done yet the teller tells me.
I then turn to leave and as soon as I reach the door my hips freeze. tongue stuck Im stuck in a sitting position but can still walk on my tippy toes. I'm frustrated again because when I look in the green 4x4 jeep (do not have one) my husband is sitting in the passenger seat. I think to myself, He knows that my hips are frozen. There he is. Sitting in the passenger seat. I tell myself I will not get upset. 😱 I will just get in and drive.

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