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Post by TakeHold on Sun Jul 23, 2017 10:30 pm

Back in 2004 it was prophesied that I'd start getting dreams and immediately this journey began. From that day on I've had vivid, movie like dreams that are incomparable to my dreams before. Through the years I've tried to understand them. At times I can know exactly what to expect in life when I've been able to interpret correctly. Most of the time though I'm frustrated as I don't quite understand them. I usually write them down and name them. This was a recent dream I had. If I posted all the dreams I've had these past several months I'd hog the forum. I'd appreciate anyone's insight.

Dream: King of the North

I was going outside to see the storm that was coming but my father wanted me to stay inside. I didn't think he wanted my little sister outside either so I went outside to get her to tell her to come inside. As I was standing with my sister by the front door I saw the storm clouds forming in the east and pointed it out to her. It was forming into a big storm. Then I saw the king of the north standing there.
(Looking back at the dream, the king was very white and almost looked like the leader of the White Walkers from Game of Thrones.) I don't know what I said to him but I know I was yelling something loudly. I also knew that the king of the south was behind the house but I couldn't see him. I looked toward the east and west wondering if I should expect those kings as well. That was the end.

How did I feel? In the beginning I was frustrated that I had to stay inside and when I went to get my sister it was more like a sibling feeling of if I can't be out there she shouldn't be either.

When I saw the storm I wasn't afraid. I was in awe of its strength but knew there was nothing to be afraid of.

When I was yelling at the king of the north I was angry.... but again I didn't know what I was yelling.

When I looked east and west almost expecting that there would be those kings as well, I was just curious.
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King of the North Empty Re: King of the North

Post by Shan on Tue Aug 15, 2017 2:02 am

I remember reading somewhere, maybe it was on this site a while back, I don't know, but sometimes when you're at the front of the house it's talking about the future and the back of the house is the past. I'm wondering if God is allowing you to speak to something coming in the future and leave behind the past since you could not see the king of the south. It also may be a reason why you couldn't see the king of the East or the king of the west is because they don't refer to time in the same way. I'm also wondering if your father wanting you to stay inside represents God our father wanting you to stay close to him during this time and trust him during this time or something like that. Just some thoughts...
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