Teeth Falling out

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Teeth Falling out Empty Teeth Falling out

Post by ARob17 on Thu Jul 06, 2017 10:33 pm

I was standing in front of the mirror, and I noticed a tooth was falling out, I opened my mouth and noticed more teeth were falling out. The teeth were easily coming out, decaying as I was looking in the mirror. From left to right, I pulled a tooth from the top right side of my gum, and my gums were split in half. I took my fingers and held it apart and can see between. I didn't feel anything at first, I was trying to figure out what was going on with my teeth. Most i felt was disgusted by what I saw. and felt.

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Teeth Falling out Empty Re: Teeth Falling out

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sun Jul 09, 2017 9:08 am

Hello, ARob17 -

Teeth can represent a number of things in our dreams. The best way to know what the dream relates to is to note your feelings within the dream. Those feelings will be the same as how you feel about something in real life. Then, the dream will tell you more about that real life situation.

Is there any area of your waking life where you feel the same as you did in your dream?

Looking at yourself in a mirror in a dream can be about self-examination. Reflecting upon yourself or your life.

Pulling your teeth out can be the removal of something. In this case, it's something that's easily removed from your life - and decaying. What's more, there's others that are ready to be pulled out as well

While teeth can mean a number of things, I want to ask you if it would fit if they represented any people/relationships in your life? Friends, coworkers, family - anything like that? Are any in a "decayed" state where it would be easy for someone to leave/end the relationship?

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