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Truck Stuck in Pool Empty Truck Stuck in Pool

Post by judgehopkins on Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:03 am

So about a week ago I had a dream where I was walking/driving through
a downtown area of a city, which I did not recognize. Then, I was in my
vehicle and attempting to move the vehicle and it was rocking back and forth.

Then I had an exterior view of the truck and I saw that the rear wheels of
the vehicle were stuck in a pool in a park and holding it back and then, from
what I can recall, the truck got unstuck from the pool and started moving forward.

Side note, I have numerous encounters with people that I have known on opposite
sides of the country in what would otherwise be highly statistically improbable over
many years. Many of these were a day to the year apart from other encounters in
large and/or distant places.

Along the way I have been in a massive holding pattern waiting for something that
the calm and quiet voice promised.

An interpretation would be appreciated.


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Truck Stuck in Pool Empty Re: Truck Stuck in Pool

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:05 pm

Hello, Judgehopkins -

When I dream about myself in a vehicle, it's usually about something happening right now or very soon in the future. It's also an indicator that the dream is about my own life rather than something going on in someone else's.

First, you dreamed that you were struggling to make the truck move. What, in your waking life, have you been struggling with that doesn't seem to be working?

In the next scene, you were shown why the truck wouldn't move: The rear wheels were stuck in a pool in a park. To me, this simply shows you that you will understand why the thing that you're struggling with isn't responding.

The final part of the dream is the promise: The truck was freed and started moving forward. The dream doesn't seem to show that it was your effort that freed the truck. The resolution is simply that it became unstuck and moved forward. Whatever the issue is that stands out to you in your waking life as a present struggle...God is saying that you will get free from this thing that's keeping you from moving forward.

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