Is God saying I am going to have to face a demon?

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Is God saying I am going to have to face a demon? Empty Is God saying I am going to have to face a demon?

Post by IAmSeeking on Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:21 am

I am 23 but when I had this dream I was 22 which was last year 2016 about this very black tarantula 🕷. I hate spiders with a passion and a tarantula is utterly loathed! In the dream I had seen 3 different clips in the same dream:

1st Clip- was that this deeply black tarantula was on the lose and I was in soooooooooooooo much fear I was crying and wailing. 😖😭😫 I was shown that it was a regular size tarantula at first, but it kept growing I guess because of my fear and anxiety toward it. It was so hard for me even next to impossible to just look at the thing, because I was in so much fear and terror of it.

2nd Clip- I saw another tarantula in a toilet but this one was black and yellowy and orangeyish and it had teeth like a human. And it stuck out almost as if it was smiling at me but it was straight across no lips just the teeth. It was spread out over the toilet which was open, and I was looking down on it. Toilets are another thing I do not like especially when they are dirty but this toilet was clean. So I was extremely perplexed 🙄???!?!?

3rd clip- I was taken back to my room where the black tarantulas was on the loose and I had all of these piles of clothes on the floor which were dirty. I was sooo afraid. I was afraid because the tarantula ran in the room because But i did not know where the spider could be hiding under the different piles of clothing so I became extremely and fearfully cautious when I was taking my steps over and around the laundry. The clothing were all white but they were a little dirty not really dirty. I didn't know if he was hiding under them or not and when he would come out and catch me off guard.

The 4th clip - I saw an image of me kneeling at my pastors feet and laying my head on her lap crying and wailing, and she had her right hand on my hand and her left hand in my right hand and she said very calmly you have to face it. You have to face your fear. I said crying and wailing to her nooo but I can't it's to big it's to ugly i can't do it I am too afraid I can't face it, and she said again you have to face your fear it's the only way, and I kept saying I can't do it, I am too afraid!.....ever since then I have dreams about tarantulas not a lot but when I see them they are not anything good and usually something bad happens to me in the physical realm. I have no idea what God is saying about this tarantula what does it symbolize? I know it obviously has to do with my fear but he didn't actually tell me what my fear is and what I'm afraid of... or is he telling me through the spider?
lol I hope this makes sense and I'm not being dumb 😅😂🤣

Please even if you don't have an interpretation I would appreciate even a word of encouragement thanks 🙏 😊!

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