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Destiny Stealer/Spirit of Insanity Empty Destiny Stealer/Spirit of Insanity

Post by IAmSeeking on Fri Jun 16, 2017 8:55 am

Thank you 😊
Okay! a while back I had a dream that has been bothering me to this day and kinda tormenting me. I was pregnant and in a hospital where I was surrounded by nurses and doctors tending to me. I was doing just fine and I was really happy and wasn't in any danger so I was very relaxed and was safe. The place was very very well lit and I was wearing pretty clothing and was in excellent health and condition. The doctors and nurses had taken their eyes off of me and had turned there backs on me for a moment after tending to me, because I was safe and there wasn't anything much to do but to wait at this point for my delivery date . They were checking and going over somethings and discussing them among themselves when they turned away from me. Once they turned their backs on me and took their eyes off me immediately I was shown a dimly lit hallway in the hospital like one you would see in a scary movie version of a hospital, and this women in all black attire from nowhere was passing by. I was made known she did not have a baby and wanted a baby and was looking for one and she saw me. I was made known at this point that I was almost about to give birth to the baby in a matter of days which was 3 days and she wanted mine in particularly, because I was ready. She snuck into the room where I was and came over to me, and I had not even known until she came over to me that I was sent up to an ivy stand. She came and pressed something on the ivy stand and it immediately became aware that she induced me. Once I realized her presence and what she had done I became so fearful, frantic, and started to get upset and yell and scream at her and call for the doctors to remove her and get her out. The doctors had not seen when she had came in and induced me because there backs were turned and I was trying to explain to them when they did turn around and started coming to my aid. So desperately I tried to explain to them what she did to me, and plead my cause to them and everything became a big frantic chaotic mess for a moment, because everyone was trying to figure out what happened, what is going on with me, what to do, how to attend to me, what I was talking about, and who this lady was. I remembered one of the male doctors sternly in a yelling voice "HEY HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE"!....she didn't answer but looking back on it she came in through the room door because it was open. Then something ridiculously frightening happened. I was shown a very very close ....close-up of her in my face it was when she was at the door and she looked so ridiculously and horribly Crazy and Insane even deranged. For a very split second she looked like me...but who she really looked like was this women that came to my churches crusade only one time and she kind of disrupted it because she had schizophrenia and was behaving very frantically and the order of service was a little thrown off because of it. It was actually That same night that she came that I had this dream of her face when I came back from it....going back to the dream That's when I heard a voice say "Destiny Stealer" and the "Spirit of Insanity." After that Two guards came and dragged her away out of the room into the Hallway and she screamed "I WILL BE WAITING OUTSIDE AND AS SOON AS YOU GIVES BIRTH I AM GOING TO STEAL IT FROM YOU!!!" This greatly cause my fear to soar and increased my fear and anxiety to the maximum, because now I was stuck with what she had done to me. I did not know what was going to happen to me at this point.
This dream has been plaguing my mind and burdening me ever since then. It was when I was 19 and I am 23 now.

Please even if you don't have an interpretation a word of encouragement would greatly appreciated! Thank you 😊

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