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Guy in my dreams Empty Guy in my dreams

Post by Hopelite on Tue Jun 13, 2017 7:03 pm

Okay, I've been having dreams of a guy since last year. I even heard a particular word that was given to me in 2014. This guy used that same particular word in a song that he created the same year. I am currently married, but all this happened the same year I got married. The guy even created a song where he talked about a woman he loved that got married. He talks about how sad he is that she's with another man and that he wishes he could keep her to himself. I don't understand what these dreams mean, but I thought it was about my husband and it turns out that they aren't. I asked God many times why am I dreaming of a man that is not my husband. I pray for this man all the time and I find that I do love him, but I can't love him the way I want to, because I'm married. I wish the dreams were symbolic, but they're not. Most of the dreams I get come true for the man in my dreams. I get to know him and what he's feeling in his life. It's really interesting. Some​times I wonder if God has shown him who I am. On social media he posts things that sometimes are similar to what I post. He also posts things that I'm feeling at that time and it makes me feel better. I'm just seeking help.

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