Part Time Job on the Fire Department

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Part Time Job on the Fire Department

Post by ispeaktheword on Tue Jun 13, 2017 12:57 pm


I was sitting outside during the day talking to my father (my dad is alive and he's a man of God). He said to me, "You know how there may have been a few opportunities in life that come your way but for some reason you let them go?" I said yeah. He said, I may have done that, but I'm going to talk to him (some man on his job - my dad is retired irl). He said it's 30 hours part time on the fire department. I said, "should I prepare to leave my job?" He didn't give me a definite answer but told me to basically be prepared to do that if it came down to it. He said he will talk to the person. EOD

In the dream part of me was excited and part of me was confused because I thought my dad was talking about himself but the postion seemed to be directed toward me. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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