Any ideas? Could this be a literal dream?

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Any ideas? Could this be a literal dream?

Post by Destine on Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:45 pm

In my dream, I'm home packing up my room. I go to sleep, but I wake up late. It's Sunday so I'm rushing around. Mom keeps saying "We need to go." I hurry outside with my bag, but Mahogany is driving mom's car. When we get to church, the doors to the sanctuary are closed. Mr. Jonathan is laying hands on the those already there. I sit down and he lays his hands on me. Pastor Paula comes in with everyone else. When the time comes to hug those around me, Pastor Doug comes up to me and asks if everything is alright. I say "no, I got into debt and I need it gone".' He says "I understand, 'Lord let the debt she has be cleared away in Jesus name. Give her peace' " I woke up after this
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