Being bitten of left ring finger?

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Being bitten of left ring finger?

Post by Destine on Sun May 07, 2017 1:30 pm

Hey everyone, I had this dream last month. I originally wanted my pastor to interpret this, but I think he has a lot going on right now. Anyways, I'm in our local mall shopping with my mom and sister. We run into our former Pastor's kids( I'll just use initials). J and K seem very happy to see us. We have a short conversation and then leave. When we get home, my eyes see that our from door has been tampered with. Roxie(our dog), seems very upset. I go into my room, J broke into our house and he's throwing things around in my room! He's really acting crazy, I try to get him to calm down. But he doesn't. He pulls out a knife, we call our neighbors but they aren't there. My dad seems to be out of town, but J walks up to me and bites my left finger. Our lead Pastor comes to our home, and I hear police sirens outside. That's the end of the dream, the weird thing is my left finger hurt after I woke from this dream.
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Re: Being bitten of left ring finger?

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Wed May 10, 2017 4:46 pm

Just a thought...

The interaction with "J" could just be about someone (not necessarily literal) from your waking life who acts out/throws a fit. Since violence took place in your bedroom, the situation could relate to an area of your life that's personal to you.

Just like in the dream, your involvement with the person should be from a position of trying to calm them down or make them reasonable...but, just like in the dream, this person most likely won't respond well.

The last bit of the dream seems to center around not being able to get help from the closest sources (neighbors, father). In real life, you may not be able to resolve this issue with help from those you'd normally go to for support.

The good news is that help did arrive. The help may be spiritual, since the pastor showed up. In my dreams, the police have usually represented angels.

I'm sure your biggest question is the meaning of biting your left finger... I don't have an answer to that, but I've had dreams where something going on in "the real world" while I'm asleep creeps into the dream. Unless there's a detail in the overall situation that stands out to you as having special meaning (that is, that would relate to your finger), it could be that something happened while you were dreaming that caused the pain.

Just some thoughts.

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