Meeting a friend in a train

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Meeting a friend in a train

Post by Habakkuk on Sat May 06, 2017 4:49 pm

A couple of nights ago I had a dream of a good friend of mine. We had agreed that she would come by train and that I would pick her up at the station. The day comes, but she isnít there. I look around, even try to phone her up. I dialled the wrong number though and called up a female colleague of whom I donít even have the number in real life, but whom I value both as a colleague and person. I cut the call short though (politely) and went looking again. Then there was a train and I was sure that she was in it. At that point one of my supervisors tried to order me to not enter the train, which I ignored, because we were not at work. In the train I found her sitting in the VIP section (doesnít exist for real) with a couple of guys. One of them, a rather overweight guy had her arm around her. Whether it was in a romantic way or not wasnít clear though. Maybe he was just a friend, or a family member, or a lover? No idea. Anyway, I also noticed that she had dyed her hair platinum blond which is quite a change, because her actual hair colour is extremely dark. Also, she acted friendly like she was happy to see me and tried to give me the impression that everything was absolutely fine with nothing to worry about. Crazy thing is that this is exactly the feeling that I had about this scene: There was really nothing to worry about! This annoyed me though because it didn't strike me as a logical conclusion.

Now, last night we chatted a bit in real life. I guess she is going through a hard time and had been drinking. I did not give her a hard time about this, but it had me concerned. BTW, we are likely to meet again in a couple of weeks.

Frankly, I like her, but she is either extremely tough or an excellent actor. In fact my mother met her on one occasion and straight up told me that she is either very troubled, or just pretending to be weak so that people underestimate and become more open around her. She did not notice anything malicious about her though (quite the contrary!), just the impression of an actor. Maybe even a cop? And my mom is extremely good at things like that.

I obviously like this woman, because she is intelligent, fun to talk to and exactly my kind of freak with whom I click, if I may say so. Still, this dream, this chat, my momís impressionÖ Iím not sure whether it is just my mind, or God who is trying to tell me something here.

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