Spiritual Birthday Party

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Spiritual Birthday Party

Post by Joshua116 on Wed Mar 15, 2017 11:40 am

my dream started with me at my grandparents' former florida house (reoccuring symbol)

i was having a birthday party, but not just any, it felt very important and significant, like Spiritual

the problem was that there were tons of people, tons of guests, friends of friends, people i didn't know

i felt insecure even though i was being honored

i also felt insecure wondering if a certain girl from Church was there

i remember looking for her, asking people if they could confirm her being there or not, got different answers

the dream then shifted to a huge high school (reoccuring symbol), as huge as a whole city

my "birthday party" was still going on

the amount of guests was just mind blowing

there were all these activities, especially fun things for little children

same thing, i looked around for the Church girl

i felt somewhat excited about the party but again, nervous and insecure

at one point, i saw Howard Stern and members of his shows talking about something to do with Morality, they were
talking about how someone (me or otherwise, I can't remember) had changed

that's how i knew the "birthday party" was about more than just a birthday

i kept trying to LEAVE my own party though

last thing i remember was riding a Ski Lift and then dropping out half-way to get away from everyone because
i felt like i needed to improve by myself more

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