Going on vacation dream

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Going on vacation dream

Post by Destine on Mon Mar 06, 2017 9:56 am

In my dream, me and my family are going on vacation. We moved into this beautiful neighborhood(my mom wants to live there, all the houses start at like $1.1 million!). We drop our dog off at the kennel, we end up flying to New Orleans. We stay in a beautiful home hosted by two pastors we know (Jim and Janis). My sister and I get into an argument where she than calls me a whore. I start screaming at her, my mother hears us and I end up crying and telling my mother about being molested. My mother tells my dad later on, which then cuts our trip short. I decide to take a walk, I see my friend and her fiancÚ in a boat surrounded by alligators. I then wake up.. now in RL, I actually was molested.. and yes my parents do not know about this.
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