church group dream

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church group dream

Post by Joshua116 on Sat Mar 04, 2017 7:10 am

in my dream i was in some house babysitting this baby animal

it was pink in color

i got the impression it was a baby hippo, something pig-like but kind of dog-like too

it was a very sweet animal

i kept it from walking into walls and would touch it to get it straightened up again

then the dream had shifted to me with some members of this latest Small Group i joined

the sun was setting and we were walking on remnants of a Freeway

it honestly felt like we were all looking for something that pertained to ME

we were trying to get to some sacred place

it was a serious feeling

the freeway itself was no longer driveable

it's hard to explain

we were taking certain paths along ruts and cracks in the road

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