school attack dream

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school attack dream

Post by Joshua116 on Fri Mar 03, 2017 10:38 am

this morning i was tempted like i usually am but somehow i made it through, as much as i wanted to fall, i also didn't:

afterward, i fell back asleep and had a harsh dream:

school classroom

in the dream i was aware of some kids, lots of kids, kids who seemed to be in Gangs were going to do something big, something to change the school, change daily life as we knew it

in a classroom all of a sudden these terrible gun shots rang out from outside in the parking lot, already a firefight with school security

however, they were overwhelmed and no match for the Gangs whose bullets kept hitting our window and as they just advanced closer

everyone was huddled down, laying down, even the teacher who was a strong guy but even he was scared

i was closest to the door so in the chaos, i took it upon myself to unlock the door and just started running

yet as i should have known, the Gangs foot steps were close behind

they caught up to me no problem, no matter what i did

because i ran, i was now, along with some others, going to be subjected to beatings to see if we would survive

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