Getting a word if knowledge

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Getting a word if knowledge

Post by Destine on Wed Jan 18, 2017 6:34 am

Good morning, I had this dream last night: I'm in the lobby and my Pastor along with a few others of the pastoral staff join her. A chair is brought over and she tells me to sit in it. She begins to speak in my ear "The Lord is telling me you went through a lot of breaking in your life. You were trained for more than this. There were things that were done to you at a young age your parents don't even know about. God is honoring you now, do not worry for he will take care of every need. Pastor Edward prepared you for Boaz, but Pastor Doug will lead you to him." I find myself in a mansion, it's an open house. I keep telling my friend I need to find my Calvin Klein purse. I ask the realtor if she's seen anything, she says no. We go next door, my mom seems to be having a time convincing my grandmother to take a bath. "its our home now, I cleaned the tub. Its fine." But this home is humongous, its more of a castle then a home. That's the end of the dream... IRL: Pastor Edward has told me God was grooming me for marriage. I was Sexually abused but my parents don't know. Any ideas about this dream?
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