Going to my friends church and someone Pulls his people away.

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Going to my friends church and someone Pulls his people away.

Post by steadygaze on Tue Jan 17, 2017 8:40 am

Hello and blessings dear ones.

Dream about People leaving and being pulled away by someone else in the church.. 1-17-2017

I went to visit my friends Sam and Nick's church in Ca. I took a train or a bus or something. I was amazed at the cowed he had in his church. I was glad to see them. I was sitting there while we were in worship Sunday morning asking the Lord if there is anything He wanted to speak. I was hearing some things for the church. So when worship stopped I went up and told Nick that I had a word. So he had me follow him into this room where these shutters were and he handed me a mic. Then he could not get the shutters open so people could see me while I delivered the word and I am wondering why are we behind this wall with shutters. It was like that was the platform. So I try to speak into the mic to explain to people who I am and how I know my friends but then my tongue gets tied and my brain freezes trying to remember my friends last name. I think there is a confusing Spirit here. Then after a few minutes I find out the mic is not even turned on while I am talking to them while Nick is fiddling with the shutters. Finally my friend Nick gets the shutters open and the whole audience is gone. I am standing there going I cannot believe this! Nick said, oh this other guy who is here must have called them away. It seemed like there was someone that was pulling the people in the opposite direction in the church and I think it was another pastor or someone who was going against Nick and what that person was doing was subtle that it almost seemed like Nick was use to it or, immune to it, or felt helpless against it .I was like wow this is very strange. I asked the Lord why in the heck did the crowed leave!? Why did they get so pulled by this person? What Spirit is operating here?

Thanks for any help you can give.
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