Fox and Squirrell

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Fox and Squirrell

Post by TATISHAMARIE on Mon Jan 09, 2017 9:41 pm

I dreamed that I was driving and got lost. I ended up on the huge field with pretty green grass. I saw this fat squirrel sitting in the grass and this golden baby fox tried to attack the squirrel. The fox bit the squirrel and I screamed to the squirrel run. the fox then got distracted and the squirrel ran up this wall made of green grass. The fox started to chase him but could not catch up. I then drove off and found my way back home,

Any thoughts ?

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Re: Fox and Squirrell

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Tue Jan 10, 2017 5:21 am

Is there an area in your waking life where you feel a little lost or uncertain? When I have dreams of driving/being in cars, they're usually about something going on in my life right now - or, in the very near future.

Whatever area of your waking like that this dream applies, I believe that the dream is meant to show you of a divine encounter while in this place. I believe that the two animals in your dream are symbolic for two people. The fox biting the squirrel shows the threat of one person to the other.

Within your dream, you screamed for the squirrel to run. While the fox was distracted, the squirrel ran up the grass wall and escaped. I believe this represents your intervention in the situation: It could be as simple as giving the threatened person advice, warning, or even praying for them within that situation. The promise in the dream is that the squirrel is able to get away from the threat - and that that the chasing fox will be unable to catch up.

Finally, the dream ends with you driving off and finding your way back home. I feel that this shows the event with the "animals" to be an isolated situation - one that you're only involved in temporarily.

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