David and jacob

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David and jacob

Post by cvb on Fri Jan 06, 2017 11:02 am

Dream 1: i am in a cave that one of my students, david, has rented as a campout spot. My ex husband and his friend is there. Everyone seems amicable. I have another student there, jacob, who is wading through sludge and mud. I were through with him and then realize it's getting late and I need to get home to my husband and kids. David says, no you have to stay all night here. I say, i can't. I have to get back to my kids. I leave without "permission." I am taken to a lodge where my ex father in law is looking for something on his families old land. The cave had been I this land as well. He is looking for a flower. The flower is along the hillside but has metal, Sharp thorns sticking out. Seemed like a family flower. I thought of my daughter who is in that family too and wondered if it would prick her.

Dream 2: After much prayer about this dream, I had another dream a few nights later. I'm in a groceryb store with my husbnad. A different guy I know named David walks in. I say, hi david, this is my husband jacob. (My husband is NOT named jacob) and then my ex-brother in law, named jacob walks in and says that's my name too. Then I wake up. I realize God is trying to speak to me about David and Jacob from the bible?? That is wasn't about the literal people in my dream and that Jacob is somehow associated with my husband?

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Re: David and jacob

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Fri Jan 06, 2017 8:59 pm

It would not hurt to do some revisiting on David and Jacob in the Word. The Lord may be desiring to reveal something to you about them that applies to your waking life - which is what I would take away from the second dream.

In the first dream, there's a couple details that stand out to me. The first is where Jacob was wading through sludge. I see that as working through some kind of negative emotions - something like depression or discouragement. The Jacob in your dream may be literal; but, if the action doesn't apply to that literal person, then consider if the name "Jacob" is literal, but that the person may be symbolic for someone else with the same name from your waking life.

The second detail is the seeking of the flower with metal, sharp thorns. You stated that it seemed like a family flower. I was thinking that it could represent a trait that you see in that side of the family. Within the dream, you thought of your daughter and wondered if the flower would prick her. In real life, are you concerned that something associated with that side of the family could manifest in your daughter's life? That may be what the flower represents.

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