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Hello Saints-

Im a newbie here to the forum--in which I'm glad I found.I have a few dreams that I have been praying and pondering on for months--if anyone feels lead to discern this dream please do!!

I was in a airport line waiting to check in. I was upset because tHe line was extremely long. My seat was 3A and I had 3 minutes to board the plane. A guy who worked there told me he would personally take me to skip the TSA ---the line was very long and I felt bad because my friend was at the end of the line-I wanted too go back with her but God said to keep going. The employee guy carried my luggage thru the TSA and airport. We we got to my gate there was this all white bakery with all kinds of pies and cakes. I told the guy who was helping i wanted to go there-as I was looking at the cakes and pies this man came up to me name d JASON. and gave me 3 dozen flowers--the set was 2 dozen red roses and 1 dozen yellow tulips. He said he wanted two surprise me before i got on the plane. I was so surprised and I gave him a hug and while hugging him I heard the word husband. Once I took the flowers the employee who helped me and the bakery lady were smiling at me and Jason. The man then placed my luggage next to me.

A few points:
The man who worked at the airport had on blue
The man never put luggage down until after I hugged Jason
The baker was Korean and she had on all white--
Although the airport was crowded I was the only person at the bakery.
I knew in the dream that Jason really liked me and I was fighting letting him in.

I have had at least 10 dreams within the last month about a guy name Jason--im not sure why his name.

Any insight would be great

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