Looks like more battles ahead need wisdom and prayers?

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Looks like more battles ahead need wisdom and prayers?

Post by Jennie the Jesus-lover on Thu Dec 08, 2016 12:29 pm

I had two dreams that in my experience let me know I'm going to have spiritual war faring again. But I don't know where it'll be coming from this time because of the changes and multiple issues with several soul ties I had which I recently cut off in me life to prosper in Jesus. He has a dream for me and I don't want to lose that! But I've been getting sick and tired of going through battle after battle and am concerned I may be on the verge of burnout. I feel it'll help having extra interpretation and prayers to be prepared and hang on and take the right actions in this. Okay so here are the dreams: first one for some reason had a friendly black cat something like my sister's cat Kiki hanging out in my bathroom. Every time I went there it would beg me to feed it. Several times I kept getting distracted and forgot to feed it. Finally after the last time it begged I finally prepared dry cat food for it. And for some reason felt inclined to eat some cat food too. I was using the sink a bit and it got friendly and was purring and licked the tiny water drops in the sink. I remember it rubbing against my leg once. But in my experience I've find cats and dogs were always representing evil spirits at work against me in my faith filled life. The cats or more like attack out of nowhere experiences and the dogs are always  serious confrontation through other people. Second dream was more complicated. I recall being lonesome and cuddled up to a strange man whom I didn't realize was my sister's and father's landlord until I was speaking with my sister. He has a history of being a womanizer. Then after he got infatuated with me and wanted my phone number and I ignored him. Then told my sister he wanted my phone number because I wanted help to prevent giving the phone number and stuff. Then there were these adorable little Asian boys who had some kind of virus that caused gastrointestinal attacks. I was very fearful of catching the sickness so I kept minding and analyzing how I'd pass by them every time I did. I finally had enough was so burned out and fed up from the stress and wanted to protect myself from getting sick by escaping outside into the fresh air. The doors were strange I had to go through several doors to get out; at least three. It was a cool cloudy day outside and then my sister somehow found me out there and was angry with me not telling her about the cuddling. She told me the landlord told her everything and there was something about how he was taking a privilege of using water or something away from me because I was irresponsible with it when in my heart I knew he was making up a problem because he was mad I wasn't giving him my :glory: phone number. I never ever met him in my life, and I don't even live out there where they are I live in town. So I don't understand any of it.http://r34.imgfast.net/users/3414/64/30/69/smiles/574721.gif

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