Black Snake in the bedroom

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Black Snake in the bedroom

Post by PositionedforBlessings on Wed Dec 07, 2016 8:19 am


Last night I had a dream that my husband and we were at my parents home. First, we were in the living room just conversing and then it switch to me walking down the hall and I looked to the left in my parents old room and the room was filled with couldn't see the floor. Like a hoarders room. But I saw movement and when I looked closer it was a black snake moving through the mess around the foot of the bed. When I saw it I wasn't so much afraid but I was concerned like how did it get there. I was all of a sudden in, what seemed to be, my old room laying in the bed and jumped up like "the snake could have come in here when I was sleeping" but I didn't see it. Then I woke up. It has really been on my mind this morning and so I have been praying "Lord Help me, in Jesus Name" like it was suggested. It has already prophesied to me that God will be working through me in dreams and so I am praying for guidance and direction.
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Re: Black Snake in the bedroom

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Mon Dec 12, 2016 4:39 pm

Hello, PositionedforBlessings -

Snakes often represent some kind of threat.
Bedrooms usually represent someone's private/personal life or intimacy.
Your thoughts about your parents' room ("like a hoarder's room) could represent holding onto something - in a negative way. Something like Unforgiveness comes to mind.

The first part of the dream could be to alert you to pray for your parents, if applicable.

The portion where you were in your own room, suddenly awakening, could be where you recognize a similar threat in your own life. To say to yourself "the snake could have come in here when I was sleeping" could be where you recognize a moment where your guard was down or where you were vulnerable.

The actions of the snake in dreams like these can show you if this threat has actually manifested. For instance, if the snake bites, the threat has often come to pass. If all that happens is that you see the snake, then it's about being made aware of the threat.

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