Requested Interpretation Help and Prayer Need

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Requested Interpretation Help and Prayer Need

Post by believer2016 on Tue Nov 29, 2016 10:00 am

Hi all! I've never posted to this forum before, but I would like to share a dream that I had with you last night. Firstly, it was in the basement of my childhood home (where I have not been to in 4 years). Secondly, my coworker was there with me. I think it is important to note here that his fiancÚ openly identifies as being a wiccan. My coworker had with him a set of tarot cards in the dream, and said to me "even though you don't practice anymore, these cards are still able to bring spirits in." I feel as though I should disclose here that I researched a bit of occult history between the ages of 18 and 20, and also practiced reading tarot cards. However, I have since received the gospel and accepted Jesus into my heart. The transformation that the Lord has created in my life has been an amazing grace. He convicted me of my wicked ways and how Satan was deceiving me through lies and false promises. This conviction prompted me to dispose of my tarot deck and give up many of my past ways. Continuing on to describe my dream, my coworker threw the cards towards the television in my basement, which flickered on as a result. When this happened, I tried to yell out "no!" just to find that I was voiceless and my screams could not make a sound. I woke up when this happened, and then was called about an hour later by my younger sister who reported an accident that my mom had last night. My mom continues to use tarot cards on her own and does not submit to Jesus or follow the Lord.

I'm wondering if any of you friends would be willing to pray for me and my family. I am also hoping that someone may have experiences that they can relate to mine and share with me. How can I ask the Lord to forgive me for my history and close off the doors that Satan uses generate fear or control over my life?

God bless you all.

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