Recurring dream about Loo!

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Recurring dream about Loo!

Post by Julia Omenda on Fri Nov 25, 2016 6:54 pm

Hi, my name is Julia Omenda... I had this dream a week and half ago..... I dreamt that a certain well known TV presenter on our local TV station, and he also happens to have an amazing voice in real life was leading praise and worship. He did it so well, we were impressed. Then it was our turn my team and I. I noticed though that everytime the 2 ladies (We were 3) would change and wear this very nice, elegant matching outfits and I was still in my old one, they'd sing so well. I had the outfits in my closet but they were not letting me know so I could wear it too. Last straw was when again one of them changed into another really nice, elegant outfit, then she sang and it was beautiful. I went to my room to also change but there was a heap of outfits that needed laundering and it was going to take my time. I noticed in the same room my husband's shirt had somehow fallen into the loo and I made a point of coming back to wash it. Somehow I didn't manage to leave the room or change my outfit either and the other two ladies had left the venue.
In real life, I am a Praise&worship leader in our church.

Then a week and half later, yesterday.. . I had this dream. ..I was in my mother's house. I was having my periods and I wanted to change. In the loo however my stuff kept falling in the loo. Among them three candles. So secured whatever else I had so they don't slip from my grasp and fall in the loo. Then I proceeded to pick the candles from the bottom of the loo. I was not disturbed that am reaching inside the bowl. It was not squeaky clean, but it was clean enough for me to reach in. I knew there was no option but to reach in and grab them. But the water in the bowl was too heavy that I could not go deep enough and pick the candles. I felt unsteady. So I left so that I come back and really reach into the bowl of the loo and get the candles out. On my way out I tell my mum about the candles. I think she somehow managed to get them out.

What could this two dreams mean?

Julia Omenda
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