Cows and Wolves

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Cows and Wolves

Post by kjane on Fri Nov 11, 2016 4:44 am

Hi, everyone!  I'm new here and wanted to see if my dream could be interpreted.  I am a Christian if that helps with the interpretation.  So, here goes.

In the dream, I had walked out to the barn.  I don't know why.  I saw a cat in the barn that had been missing for a couple of years.  I was happy to see him. I climbed up to the loft of the barn.  Lying in the loft was a cow that was very ill.  A man that I've never met appeared in the barn.  I was totally comfortable with him.  He started telling me about some wolves that were outside trying to get to the sick cow - to kill and eat it. The cow was defenseless so I was worried about those wolves getting to the cow.  The man in my dream handed me a shotgun.  I cocked the gun and aimed outside the barn where the wolves were. Their eyes were glowing and green. I didn't really want to shoot the wolves - I had never killed anything except a fish.  The wolves started trying to get in to the barn and I thought they would succeed. I didn't shoot at the wolves. But then all the wolves disappeared and there was only me, the man, and the sick cow.  I was still worried about leaving the cow all alone, but I had to leave the barn.  I asked the man how I would protect the cow if I left the barn.  He simply kicked down the ladder to the loft and we walked out of the barn into a field. And that's all I remember. I will say, however, that the emotion I felt during the dream was mostly fear. I wasn't fearful for the entire dream, though.

Thanks and I look forward to the interpretation.

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