Giving birth in kitchen...

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Giving birth in kitchen...

Post by MondisiM on Fri Oct 07, 2016 8:14 am

Hi, I dreamed that I was in labour and the midwife was taking her time. She didn't think i'd be giving birth anytime soon, so I went to the kitchen (childhood home) and there was a woman there - she seemed like a nurse or assistant to the midwife. I could feel the baby was about to come, and I remember drying myself down there with a tissue, but the nurse reminded me that i needed to be moist to avoid any tears. So i turned on the sink tap and dabbed some water there, and then the baby came out quickly. I tried to catch him but he was so slippery and he fell to the floor. I was surprisingly calm and I asked the nurse to pick the baby up (I knew he was fine). Then i was holding my new baby, who was gazing up at me lovingly - he was not a newborn - he had two upper teeth and looked like he was about 6 or so months old. Then next scene there was a short dark woman in the kitchen and i knew she was evil. I began to rebuke her in Jesus name and she ran down the corridor, but I caught up to her before she entered my parent's bedroom at the far end and I held her - she was hard like steel and very cold to touch. I began to rebuke her again and she ran back in the opposite direction to the kitchen - I kept following her and rebuking and she couldn't take the name of Jesus anymore and she disappeared. Please help me understand this dream. Thank you.

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