Tall tower, Help for Dad & Shots fired

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Tall tower, Help for Dad & Shots fired

Post by writer4him on Sun Sep 25, 2016 5:04 pm

Can we get a bit of help with my son's dream:

We (me, mom and older brother) had come from a skyscraper that reached up through the clouds. Mom was driving and we picked up our estranged dad to take him to get help from somewhere (seemed down on his luck). Before we had picked him up, mom warned me and my brother not to talk about where we had gone for assistance ourselves because he usually became angry/suspicious when others helped us.

While riding in the car, dad would ask me and our brother sneaky questions trying to find out more information about our situation. On the way, mom took me and my brother to a doctor's or dentist's appointment and for some reason, we were drugged up afterwards. I knew because I was acting weird afterwards--paranoid about leaving my wallet in the car because of something that had to do with the police but I couldn't remember what/why exactly. Mom and dad both said that it was the medicine's side effect (for some reason it had to do with fearing the cops specifically).

We took dad some place to get help (not sure where) and then we were back in the car once again. Dad would glance around at us from time to time and solemnly nod to himself in this 'aha!' sort of way that he behaves when he's discovered something a person didn't want known--and he believes it's part of some evil plot against him. I got the feeling that dad had figured out where we had received our help from but I wasn't concerned about it. We dropped him off at a train station; he got out without saying 'goodbye' or 'thank you' and walked quickly away. Mom commented about his quick departure.

Suddenly, I was outside the car and a shooting broke out between random people at the train station and police officers. I glanced around looking for dad but he had disappeared. Mom and my brother picked up the car and started running with it. As we ran, a man who had been shot in the arm was running beside us. Mom and my brother told me to save the man by putting him in the car. My brother and my mom jumped into the car but the car was somehow still being carried.

I had a hard time getting into the car because it was being shaken around from being carried. I reached and grabbed the man to try and pull him in with me, but he got shot in the back and fell to the ground. Mom said to hurry and get in and I tried to but I was only partially inside the car when the dream ended.

Strong impressions:
1. I knew that the top of the tower was obscured by the clouds even though the dream starts in the car.
2. Mom was driving and it felt normal. Before he left, dad was the only one who drove us around.
3. Dad seemed to vanish into thin air at the station.

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