Demons in A House, and a Church Fire Alarm Going Off

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Demons in A House, and a Church Fire Alarm Going Off

Post by v3ryan on Tue Jun 14, 2016 8:25 pm

I had two dreams last night. The first dream, even though I took notes after I awoke, it was hard to record accurately as it was also difficult to remember the dream after waking up, but I as in a haunted house, and things in the house began turning into this weird horror movie type thing involving strange demons in the house, the house somewhat bore resemblance to a computer game I play too, although the game itself isn't supernaturally themed in real life. The last bit also had a pastor from youth camp talking about the demons, and mentioned stuff about not getting into rules or regulations, but getting into guidelines. Unfortunately if I remembered more about the dream it would have been helpful.

When I went back to sleep I had another dream, this one more clear, I was at my church and I was at the backdoor where the handicap enterence was, and me and a friend of mine were doing what appeared to be sharpening chopsticks or something, and the fire alarm goes off. I want to get out of the building before the fire department arrives, because I didn't want to get into trouble for some reason. (Not entirely sure why I'd be in trouble, perhaps for not evacuating?) But my friend was all calm about it, and I saw that other people in the church seemed to be ignoring it as well. And then a city bus comes, and dumps sewage out into some kind of sewage disposal hatch in the parking lot.

Then I appear in this restaurant with people from my church, and the bill comes to $1,100, and one person suggests we split it, so we only have to pay $40 each. In reality it wouldn't be just $40 amongst all of us since there were only six or seven at us eating out.

Regarding the first part of the second dream regarding the fire alarm, I think I may know what that means.

I tend to have an hyperactive conscience at times. I constantly feel like something I'm doing is a sin, or it's wrong, despite the fact that it may not have any scriptural evidence whatsoever, but it still isn't on the same level as personal conviction as it is more anxiety driven as opposed to morally driven. If you want to take a quick look at to see what it is I'm talking about. Usually when my conscience is bothering me, I take it to God, and ask Him what I should do about something. I ask for peace if I should continue, and often more than not, I get peace that seems to indicate I should continue doing what I'm already doing instead of worrying about it.

Anyways, my conscience can often act as a malfunctioning fire alarm. Going off when there is no danger, hence why I believe the fire alarm may represent my conscience. If this is so, than the dream may be referring to something that is currently, or will happen which may not be a worry for the average believer, as for what the sewage means, I'm not sure, maybe there's junk in my life? Stuff I need to get rid of?

Anyone has any thoughts?

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Re: Demons in A House, and a Church Fire Alarm Going Off

Post by owen on Fri Jun 17, 2016 8:07 pm

hi ryan,

you actually interpreted your dream. it is all about your struggles, a battle between flesh and spirit.

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