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About a spider

Post by jonty on Tue May 17, 2016 11:24 pm


This is a dream I had today morning. It's been a very long time since I had a dream.

I知 in the house where I grew up in my early teens. My parents are not there. My wife is in the kitchen talking to a friend of ours who is the leader of our Bible group and is someone whom we look up to in spiritual matters. I知 in the room next to the kitchen which is our dining room. My friend is telling my wife these words 組ive till you get tired of giving. There is a big black spider on the wall about a foot big. It is not that scary or harmful to look at. I知 not sure if my wife or friend noticed it but I知 running to get the bug spray. The spider immediately ran on the dining table and to the room which my parents used before. I run after it and manage to hit it with the bug spray. The spray doesn稚 have much effect on it and is not strong enough to kill it.

Your thoughts and interpretation of this would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot. God bless.


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Re: About a spider

Post by ispeaktheword on Mon May 23, 2016 9:26 am

Hi Jonathan,

I don't have an interpretation. These are some thoughts and questions. Please forgive me if I am completely off.

It seems like there is an issue or something that took place in the past that is affecting you and possibly your wife today.

Because you both were in the house you grew up in and the spider ran into your parents room - could there be issues/challenges between you and your wife that are similar to some issues/challenges your parents faced?

The late John Paul Jackson described the symbol of spiders like this: "Something the person is involved in is negatively affecting his or her life and spiritual destiny, and they may feel trapped or spiritually poisoned by the venom (spoken words)."

If there are issues/challenges in the marriage, the friend seems to be encouraging your wife to hang in there and not give up. It seems you want to get rid of the issues/challenges (spider) but bug spray is not enough. These challenges may require prayer, fasting, counseling.

Please please forgive me if my thoughts are way off, and may the Lord give you the true interpretation of this dream.

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