Flying on the outside of a boeing and the captain is sorry

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Flying on the outside of a boeing and the captain is sorry

Post by martin from Africa on Mon May 09, 2016 5:54 am

Scene 1

I was standing on a railing attached to a Boeing plane. The plane was flying in the sky. I was not right near the front of the plane but close to the front. I was on the outside of the plane. I knew the head winds were very strong in front of the plane near the nose of the plane. It was dangerous to be too far in front and if there one would have to hold on very tightly. I felt being in front was for someone else and not me. I was concerned being on the outside of the plane.

Scene 2

I was on the ground and the captain was standing in front of me. He apologised to me for only being able to ride on the outside the plane. I could see the captainís face was big and square. I was pleased that the captain had said sorry. I felt relieved and grateful.

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