Literal Backseat Driver

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Literal Backseat Driver

Post by v3ryan on Fri Apr 29, 2016 10:34 pm

I had a dream last night, and although I forget a few elements of it. (I have a really bad habit of lethargically going back to sleep instead of disciplining myself to write the dream down at times.) I have retained what I believe to be the core elements of the dream.

The forgotton elements have to do with earlier in the dream. I was in some kind of store, grocery store I think, and someone, a stranger, is starting to follow me. (This part I am uncertain of, if they are following me, or what, but they are there)

Anyways, the part of the dream I can remember in more detail, is that I'm driving a car, however, the driver's seat, controls, steering wheel wheel, and everything, are actually behind what would be in reality the regular driver's seat. As I'm driving, (and still facing forward) I'm having trouble seeing the road as I have to keep looking around past the seat and through the windshield in front of me, and because I'm having trouble seeing, as I approach an intersection I end up stopping on a crosswalk instead of the stop line behind it. At this point, a pedestrian gets angry at me for going past the stop line.

This pedestrian is someone I know in real life. He is a non-believer I went to college with. He was mostly respectful of my beliefs, although he did try to tease me in little ways about it.

I think the dream has clear symbolism of being a backseat driver. Someone who keeps insisting that the one who is in control is doing a bad job, or does not know what He is doing.

I've recently had a struggle with anxiety lately as I have struggled with having faith in trusting in God to lead me where He wants me to go. I feel and believe He's told and confirmed to me to go one way, but then something happens which seems to confirm the exact opposite. This throws me in a sense of confusion and lack of trust in my ability to hear The Spirit.

I think it's probable God may be telling me to continue trusting in Him, and to let Him show me, rather than me trying to figure things out my own way.

If anyone has any thoughts they wish to add feel free too. :)

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Re: Literal Backseat Driver

Post by dreamster on Sat Apr 30, 2016 1:22 am

yes its totaly about you currently, hee hee driving ,,definately linked to anxiety, of not being able to see far enough ahead, a intersection ahead denotes a choice of path/direction, where you go over someones boundrys, resulting in a conflict, the pedestrian most likely represents someone from your past, this is a great dream full of nuggets, we naturally want to be masters of our own destiny, and will try to instruct God accordingly,remember God is not the God of confusion, seek wise council on big issues, you think its ''proable ''?that God is telling you to trust him? scratching chin

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