Tiger Attack

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Tiger Attack

Post by judgehopkins on Sun Apr 10, 2016 12:32 am

If i could have a prayer said by you and/or your friends? I would really appreciate it.

Just had a dream that I was going to the church I grew up at, which i avoid, that is another story. Started playing with large tigers, which then started attacking me. And then I was playing with a baby that was missing its hand.

Then I went into auditorium of the church, all the lights went out. People were rushing out the door. And a person in the dream said to me "nothing like this has happened since all the missionaries were sent out the same year my mom was." And I'm like all, what about Wayne Grudem, and "then a bunch of other 20th century biblical scholars...

I haven had anything that specific/vivid in a dream, esp. When I was having a conversation with the dream, in years.

The last ones happened 3+ years ago, before I was in Miami, and all the night prior to me not getting the job positions I was looking for. One involved baby whose mother I was talking to and could remove its skin and the baby waved at me, another involved a woman who was talking and was missing a quarter of her face. And another set of hands torturing a flayed body.

At one point I received a letter at work from a person that ultimately didn't exist didn't exist. Claimed healthy care credentials. Ran a search on state licensing site, they didn't exist.

I didn't get the jobs. I've also had visions of the future that came true.

I've also had a calm soothing voice speaking a girl's name, and that girl have birth.

Dream last week of a sequence of cards with scenarios being arranged/rearranged, they were being explained, and then one was explained as " the Master" or "the end" or something...

I was on my laptop today trying to send an email for the same type of position. Computer ran an update and didn't restart. Same happened years ago.

My fear is that it is all happening again... Don't know how to explain... Possibly demon trailing me again... Last time the visions showed me this, it was with all the jobs I wanted, then prior to that for 1 month while looking for job I wanted. At one point, 1st time, a full year and a half.

Ali this while running in to people I know in exotic unfamiliar locales on the opposite sides of the continent, curiously coordinated with each other.

Thanks again!!!

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