Take down your mirrors

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Take down your mirrors

Post by dreamer3315 on Sun Apr 03, 2016 8:45 am

Dream begins with my husband and I on a deck with water. We are having a good time when a preacher I know appears. (Irl..my husband and I had a very bad experience with this man and he took over four grand from us). Oue phone starts ringing and we decide to not pick up and he gets angry. He then prophesies to me and says that I need to take my mirrors down because they are demonic and are affecting my husband in some way. (Irl these are two beautiful Drexel mirrors I bought for really cheap and I painted them. They are on my walls now and I am about to repaint them blue). I tell him no I'm not getting rid of my mirrors cause there is nothing wrong with them. I say I have painted them red and yellow and green...and I can see the mirrors on the ground I've sprayed primer on them and am about to repaint blue. I felt controlled and upset like he was pulling something out of thin air to say to me....and that I was standing up for myself. I was certain there wasn't anything wrong with them.

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