Man with a Bowl of Water

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Man with a Bowl of Water

Post by writer4him on Sun Mar 27, 2016 9:58 am

I was praying about a pressing matter in my life that has overwhelmed me and I was pouring out my heart to God when I dozed off briefly. Immediately a man stood before me with a blazing light behind him that made it difficult for me to make out his features but he seemed familiar. He spoke kindly to me, saying, "I am here, little one." He held a wooden bowl of water cupped in his hands which he placed against my lips for me to drink. Although at first I only took a sip, he held it firmly there until I had finished it all. He hugged me briefly and I wanted to remain there with my face buried in his chest like a child, but the vision ended and I woke up. I could still remember how the side of the wooden bowl tasted...
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Re: Man with a Bowl of Water

Post by rabedard on Sun Mar 27, 2016 7:38 pm


Wonderful encounter with Jesus @writer4him. Praise God.

I hear in part, I prophesy in part. If none of what I say in the following speaks to your spirit, then no worries.

You made the comment of your strong memory of the taste of the side of the wooden bowl; that is important. What was that taste? that is love language from your heavenly Father, and is for you.

We can find ourselves amidst storms, crossing some raging sea. I see the Lord speaking to you very clearly "I am here, little one". Certainly He has come in comfort, in encouragement, and also with living water for you soul.

"I am here, little one" is the same language *don't be afraid, you are not alone nor abandoned*

I see the servant-heart of Jesus (pure love) in His coming to you as He did ... very purposeful, so incredible.

The *wooden bowl with water cupped in his hands which he placed against [your] lips for [you] to drink* speaks to several matters:
1. in the light of what you've shared, "wooden" speaks of raw, tender/vulnerable
2. *cupped in His hands* speaks volumes of the undivided attention of the Father, coming straight from His heart
3. The drink being provided to you and equally received by you is living water amidst your thirst/pressing-matter
4. Also, I see the *water* in the bowl as more than just water ... it is from the Father and being poured into you, and extends beyond meeting the need of the immediate crisis; *how the side of the wooden bowl tasted* is strategic in this that has been given to you.

Recall the account of the apostles and Jesus in the boat, crossing the stormy waters. The apostles too were overwhelmed, even believing they were going to die. Before they left the shores, the word from the Lord to them was "we're going to the other side". They did arrive on the shores on the other side.

That word I declare over you, and more:
Don't be afraid. The Lord is with you. You are neither abandoned nor drowning. You shall arrive on the shores on the other side. All that you need in this hour you have. And to whatever has been lacking the Lord (with purpose and love) has poured/invested into you.

You shall walk and not fall, you shall run and not be weary. Thanks be to God who *always* leads you to triumph in Christ.

Be strengthened in your inner man. Be healed. In Jesus' precious name. One of the greatest weapons of our warfare in God is *rest in Him*. Continue in that place, as you have been. He'll see you thru to the shores on the other side.

I see a season of *shore lunch* close at hand ...a season of eating, rejoicing and intimacy with the One who is along side of you (that 4th man in the furnace).

BiC / Roger

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