Misterious house and FLAPPING OF WINGS

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Misterious house and FLAPPING OF WINGS

Post by ISABEL on Mon Feb 08, 2016 7:48 am

In this dream I was visiting a family , apparently I had slept there and my parents too. I somehow got up upset because I felt an evil presence and I had to find my parents and my husband . So I realized that they were not sleeping in the room, so I went to look for them. As I walked through this house ,I noticed that the couple who own the house were wealthy the house was dark. As I walked through the hall towards the living room I saw some men outside and somehow I was able to zoom into that area and saw that this men were sleeping on the floor wrapped in some old cloth I was shocked because I knew that these men served the owner of that house. I thought they were slaves. Then I continue to walk through the house and I felt the evil in that house there was evil as I walked towards a door that i think led to a bathroom where I thought my husband might be there the evil precense was much stronger, so I decided to look elsewhere I heard voices coming from another area of the house as I approached that area I realized that the couple that owned the house had many guests there and they were talking, I wanted to see if my husband was there so I can let him know what is happening and get out of that place. As I got closer and closer to where they were , my husband comes out and I said to him to come with me. Somehow I knew that we were expected to sleep there one more night but I didn't want to because of all the demonic activity in that house. I desired to hold my husbands hand and walk away so I can tell him what was happening but a woman came behind us and said somethingI don't remember exactly what she said. I knew that she was the wife of the owner of the house. This young woman didn't want to leave us alone as I walked down the hallway with my husband this woman appeared right in front of us and so I couldn't talk to my husband. As we walked through the family room in the dark I noticed a fireplace to my right and another to my left I saw these huge Lizard like creatures they were sitting up as if they were people but they were bright in color I began to notice many of them. Then I began to feel (I could hear and feel the rush of air by the  flapping of wings)right on my face it was so fast that I woke up feeling it on my face and as I woke I realized that the flap pings of wings was real I could still feel and remember hearing the wings flapping. It scared me so much I quickly sat up and realized I was speaking in tongues and rebuking . I woke my husband up and we prayed together and went to my children's rooms and prayed for them.
I have never experience waking up by the flapping of wings I will never forget. I just want to know if this was an angel or something evil? Scratch Chin
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