My Friend's Carpet Is On Fire.

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My Friend's Carpet Is On Fire.

Post by v3ryan on Wed Jan 27, 2016 1:32 pm

Some background info: Four of my friends live in the same apartment building, two live together (they are nonbelievers, but I have felt led to interceed for them to come to know Christ) the third, is a believer, fourth is also a non-believer, also pray for her as well. For the dream to make better sense, this apartment is also for those who need assisted living.

So I had a dream I went to visit my third friend. As I drove in, I looked through the windows of my first two friends to see if they were there. I saw one of the friends, but not the other. Inside my third friend's apartment, the fire alarm goes off. Friend number four was also in the apartment at the time. This apartment had a protocol where in a fire alarm, the residents should remain in the apartment until a worker got to them. (I heard something about a similar protocol in real life, but it was only for those in wheelchairs) Anyways, we wait, but smoke starts pouring out from the carpet on the floor. Suddenly one of the workers is in the room with us, so we head outside. Outside we see a cat that belongs to friends 2 & 3, except this cat looked more skinny, almost like a different cat.

Later on in the dream, I overhear firefighters talking about something in the water system catching fire.

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Re: My Friend's Carpet Is On Fire.

Post by TheWhiteShadow on Sat Jan 30, 2016 6:59 am

Is there anything that your believing friend is waiting on?

In the dream, the fire alarm went off in this person's apartment, so I would think that there's something that they're concerned about in real life - or something that could give them cause for alarm. A natural reaction to an alarm is to panic; however, within the dream, you understood that there was a protocol to wait until help arrived., and you followed it. In real life, it may be understood that it's best to wait on God to provide help in whatever this person's circumstance may be.

The next event in the dream was physical (visual) threat of a fire via the smoke from the carpet. It's interesting that the fire isn't actually seen - the smoke is more of a threat of a fire, or the symptoms of it. I would think that whatever your friends circumstances may be, that the smoke from the carpet is something that really makes the threat seem real, and the temptation to react may become greater.

The positive thing is that you all waited until help arrived. And help will arrive at the proper time. Your friend will be led to a safety and escape the threat of their circumstances.

It's also interesting to me that one of the non-believing friends is present during this. This situation could speak to them about how you two, as believers, respond to situations like this - and to see God's provision come through.

For the cat detail: In my dreams, cats are almost always representative of people in my life, from family to coworkers. You said that the cat belongs to friends 2 and 3, so I think that the cat represents a person that's a common connection between the two. The skinniness of the cat in the dream could turn that detail a couple ways: The person that's a common connection could literally be very skinny; or, since you noted that it was "almost like a different cat," it could be a person that reminds you of someone else that they know.

The overheard conversation among the firefighters could simply be to show that you'll eventually understand the source of the original threat.

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