Purple clouds and galaxy flight

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Purple clouds and galaxy flight

Post by writer4him on Tue Jan 19, 2016 7:19 am

We were in a city that had tall buildings placed really cose together. We went to a park there. Overhead were thick purple clouds obscurring the sky.   My adult daughter tried to get us to play a game using drinking straws in a spin-the-bottle type way to make couples wind up kissing. Instead, someone discovered that we could fly using the straws. Everyone flew up above the clouds where we were surprised to find that the clouds were a solid mass of shining purple expanse like glass. We could see the tops of the buildings sticking up above the expanse and everything had a bright purple and white glow.  It was awesome!  We could see the galaxy up close and stars individually shining nearby. We returned to the ground safely by coming back through the clouds.
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