Kittens and a Shooting Spree

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Kittens and a Shooting Spree

Post by writer4him on Fri Oct 30, 2015 8:05 am

Hello everyone,

I had two vivid dreams on the same night, one right after the other:

I was in a department store shoe section when I heard sounds coming from a discarded cardboard box nearby. I looked inside and found a single fluffy, black kitten--it was tiny, probably about 4 weeks old. I picked it up and asked around but no one seemed interested in taking ownership or to know how it got there. I decided to take it home with me as it seemed quite comfortable in my arms but I had someone keep it for me until I finished shopping. As I was leaving I heard very faint mewling sounds from the empty box. Confused, I looked inside again--nothing. But when I moved the box, there was a tiny, white ball of fluff underneath the box. This second kitten had been trapped under a corner of the empty box--even though the box was almost feather light. Its little neck, or at least the fur, was flattened as though the box had been very heavy. It was hissing and spitting at me, with claws bared but I kept petting and speaking softly while checking its neck for damage. Soon the hair fluffed up and it settled into my arms purring...I decided to keep both kittens. The dream was so vivid that I expected to have the kittens when I woke up this morning.


2. I was on a crowded street in the business district of a city when gunshots suddenly rang out. People began screaming and running in all directions but I wanted to be sure which direction to go. The sound seemed to echo and bounce off the office buildings so it was hard to know which way to run. I noticed that a throng was running towards me so I guessed that the shooting happened where they had been and I ran in the direction they were heading. I saw people running into a restaurant nearby but when a group of us ran to the doors, the last guy to go in ahead of us locked the doors and refused to open them. More shots were fired so I pounded on the glass door and implored him to please let us in, but he just folded his arms and stood there shaking his head. So we ran further down the street until we entered what may have been a furniture showroom with a wall of glass windows in front.

We started down a hallway but I suggested going back to push the furniture in front of the doors to slow down the shooter(s) if they tried to enter. Then I ran to the back of the showroom to make sure the doors were locked. I discovered that instead of doors, there was only two walls that did not connect. You could just enter the building from the back alley. I told everyone about it and I remember thinking how futile it was to block the entrance when there was no back door on the building. In fact, we had probably locked our own escape if the attacker(s) came around to the back of the building... I remember being frustrated about not knowing precisely what the threat was (who, why and where) and what to do to stay safe...we were afraid of what we had heard and ran away instinctively.
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