Coughing up white stuff with Silver metal frams from my Neck.

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Coughing up white stuff with Silver metal frams from my Neck.

Post by steadygaze on Wed Oct 28, 2015 7:55 am

Hello precious ones. I had a strange dream.


I was doing missions in the U.S or abroad not sure but I was in a new place living in a foreign place. All of a sudden I cough up a whole globe of this white like thick whip cream stuff and inside it are two silver metal frames like pins and rods that are in my neck. I am taken  back and feel like I need to go to the hospital. I get in and I see this lady doctor. I tell er about the white stuff and there were all these people on a gurney's in one room every where. She had all these interns learning to become doctors. She was real nice and even kept calling me her daughter because there was a connection in the spirit we became friends. When She walked away I told her intern I forgot to tell her I had two silver metal frames come out too. So I had to run home and get the white stuff I saved and the frames that where in the white stuff that came out. I went back and told another doctor who was familiar with me that I had the stuff and she said I know what it is. Then I woke up.

Any ideas?
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