3 Snakes in the Livingroom right near the front door

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3 Snakes in the Livingroom right near the front door

Post by njackson1979 on Fri Oct 23, 2015 1:53 am

I was home with my 3 children.  Although it was my grandmothers house she's had since I was born, it was my house.  I had to pick up my husband from work and noticed that I was wearing heels.  Back in the day I didn't own flats nor sneakers and it seemed like I started to wear heels again like I did when I was younger.  
I had company over at my home.  A friend and her 2/3 daughters and her 2 grandchildren.  She has 3 daughters in real life but I don't remember whether only 2 or 3 were there actually.
Before I could pick up my husband from work, I had to take her and her kin home.  I didn't tell them to get ready, I went to the trunk of the car, started pulling out the car seats and started cleaning the car which was filthy.  I had to clean it so they could actually get in it.  It was their mess (dirty Tupperware and such) but it was my car though.  A small 4 door (like an old Toyota tercel) and it was maroon.  Which is funny bc it was my friend's exact car in real life (the woman at my house).
On my way downstairs to go out to the car, there were 3 snakes in my Livingroom near the front door.  The biggest one was coiled up with brown and black spots (not big enough to wrap around my body but big enough to wrap around my arm-armpit to wrist), the next one was peeking it's head through a shopping bag with a shopping flyer in it and bc of that, I couldn't really size it up, and the other was little like a garden snake but yellow and white and was fully stretched out and was the closest to the door.  They weren't threatening (no hissing and no sudden moves to try to attack and actually looked friendly) but bc I wasn't sure what kind of snakes they were, I wanted them out of the house immediately and bc I don't trust their nature, I knew that if they became threatening and started to hiss, that I was going to have a fight on my hands.

So as I said, I passed the snakes on the way to get the car ready to take my friend, her girls, and her grands home and when she saw me cleaning out the trunk (she came outside with a Tupperware bowl and a utensil and was eating.. Thought she had on pajamas or some sort of lounge wear), she went back inside and told her family to start packing up or instructed to get ready to go home.  They all came outside and got in the car and I was embarrassed bc I knew my grandmother and my mom were watching and heard them say, "look at her letting these people weigh down her gift".  The car was so weighed down to the ground and this is why I thought that 3 daughters were there although I perceived there were only 2 in the house.  3 daughters, 1 woman, and 2 grandchildren with carseats all piled up in this small car.  

After they got into the car, a young boy who goes to school with my son (very kind) came up to me and said, "what do you want to do about the snakes"?  As we started discussing what to do, my friend who is now in the driver's seat says "I'll be right back.  I'm going to take them (her family) home first". And I said ok and felt totally fine about her driving "my" car.... In real life this would not be so!
The young boy finished talking while we were outside and said that he had put the snakes outside of the house in my backyard and wanted to know if I was satisfied with his method of removal.  We went back in the house and I saw that my sons had homework papers all over the place (1 in particular) and my daughters bed had not been made since the morning.  I started yelling at them to clean up (and reprimanded them bc they knew better) as my goal was to get everything in order before I picked up my husband from work.  For some reason, my daughter asked me for a coffee, which I obliged, and there was a young lady there who was like a Nanny of some sort (very kind and reminds me of a girl at my sons school as well) and she offered to make her one but not before she checked with me that it was ok.  While going through my sons papers, my friend returned for me to take her back home and then I'd pick up my husband.  I went downstairs into the kitchen where the sliding glass doors to the backyard are but I didn't see the snakes although T I knew they were there.  I opened the cabinet (fat right where the plates are usually stored) and I said to myself, "the snakes are outside now but they have a way of getting back in.  I better be ready to see them back inside the house at any moment and if I open this cabinet one day and  one of them are sitting here (I imagined the yellow and white one when I said that), I should expect it bc it's their nature to find a way to get back in the house through crevices/cracks/pipes".  My concern was that if they came back into the house and was in attack mode then they'd take me by surprise.  I made a mental note to discuss with my children what to do and how to handle a snake should it get into the house and I'm not here.

I then noted the time and saw that dropping my friend back off to her home would not make me late to pick up my husband and I was relieved.  As a matter of fact, I was very calm through the entire dream which never happens when I see snakes in my dream.  When I do see snakes in my dream, it's kill and destroy them! But overall, the 3 things I wanted to accomplish before my husband came home were accomplished, I sent my company home, got the snakes out, and cleaned.

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