Girl telling lies and being falsely accused!! Second dream added**

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Girl telling lies and being falsely accused!! Second dream added**

Post by exo152 on Wed Sep 16, 2015 10:47 am

My husband dreamed the other night that our son's ex-girlfriend had asked him for a ride to church. He gave her the ride, and when they got to church she followed him everywhere, telling everyone he was her boyfriend. He kept telling her to stop lying.
In real life, the day after my husband had this dream, our son found out that this girl has accused him of a crime against her, even though their relationship ended over a year ago, and they both are dating other people. This girl had made similar accusations in the past about at least three other young men we know, however she never went to the authorities. We feel my husband's dream ties into the accusations and was a warning from the Holy Spirit. But are we missing something?
Our younger son also had a dream we discovered, before this all came out; he dreamed that this girl and her current boyfriend stole our dog, but then they brought him back because they couldn't handle him, which was when we discovered it was them that had stolen our dog.
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