Winding Roads/Chased by Tiger

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Winding Roads/Chased by Tiger

Post by pwilso512 on Mon Jan 19, 2009 4:53 am

This dream was strange. I was in the classroom where I used to substitute teach. Only this time, I was a student. The class was being really bad. When I walked in, there were three other teachers trying to get them under control. I felt like I was still a substitute teacher, but I was blending in with the class to observe (if that makes sense). I realized that I didn't sign in at the office so I could get my name tag. I walked to the office. Next thing I knew, I was in the back seat of a car with my 6 yr old niece. We were headed to the bank, and I was driving. I was driving very close to a van in front of me. We started going around deep winding roads. It was dark outside. There was no ground or a rail on the right side of the road. If I bared to far to the right, we would have fallen off a cliff. I got over in the left lane. Suddenly, I got out the car and ran up a hill. There was an obstacle course. I started on it. I climbed a tree made of nuts, but found it hard to get back down. It was a familiar obstacle course. I had done it before. When I finally got out of the tree, I pulled back a curtain and saw the end of the course. Only there was a tiger at the end of it. He was staring me down. I remembered that when I did the course before, that same tiger was there. That's why I didn't finish it the first time. I tried to finish this time, but the lion ran toward me. I ran back to the car. It was right behind me. I jumped in the driver's seat. The lion grabbed my leg in it's mouth before I could close the door. I woke up.
HELP!!! crying
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