The end of a football player?

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The end of a football player?

Post by exo152 on Tue Sep 08, 2015 1:57 pm

I dreamed last night that it was mid-week service for our church. The pastor was announcing a prayer need; one of my daughter's best friends (in real life), who plays high school football, had been in an accident. The doctor's had given him a good prognosis, but because he had gone back to play football before he was ready, something had been damaged and the doctors were now saying he would never be able to play again. The whole focus of the pastor seemed to be the boy should have listened to the doctors and obeyed them, but now the situation was hopeless for him. Just as he was saying this, a friend of mine walked in and sat down behind me. When she heard what the pastor was saying, she started shaking her head in disagreement. Then she spoke up, (which she would never do in real life), saying that wasn't true. She informed us she had just came from the boy's house and from a prayer meeting there, and that God had moved supernaturally and the boy was being healed. She said that she believed God was healing him and he would play football again. The pastor immediately disagreed, again making the point that the boy's disobedience to his doctor had permanently cost him his ability to play football, and God would not heal him in that instance. The woman again disagreed, and the pastor stepped back to where she was and began to try to convince her, which was futile.
Not sure the meaning of this dream. I felt very much like a spectator, even in the midst of their conflict. I realized my friend was right, but the pastor was stubbornly refusing to admit he was wrong.
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