dream, son, grandma, pastor wife, and keys

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dream, son, grandma, pastor wife, and keys

Post by DAUGHTEROFZION on Mon Jan 19, 2009 3:34 am

This dream is a little gross with grandma
I had a dream last night. Before I went to sleep , I was wrote a note to my pastor about an important decision. As always I pray on it and wait a day or two before sending it. The dream started that I was called over by the pastors son, and asked to do something for the children(I help in childrens ministry)something about making something with the kids but it was special, I asked when do you want me to make this and he told me not yet in a little while. Then it flashed over to the pastors house. (I ve never been there in the dream I knew ) I knocked on the door looking for our pastor but got his wife (whose also a pastor) instead. For some reason my husbands mom was there ( I had just received a call from her the night before and she was really depessed). She was playing cards, with some of her friends, my son was tired and wanted to go home so I asked her if we could leave yet (I would take her home) but she said she wasen't leaving yet I would have to wait. So I got called her sister and asked if she could intervene. Then I saw my pastors wife and we started talking upstairs. I asked her if they would invest time into me and before I could tell her about my vision , she looked out the window and we both shot up like we heard something and she was gone. I tried to follow after her . My son was there he is six and I tried to take him down these stairs but they weren't stairs anymore. Instead they looked like what you would see at a hardware store cabinet fixtures. anyway he hit his head on one of them it made a cut in his head , I looked at it in the dream and could tell it cut it but not to bad it would be healed in a day or two. We reached the bottom of the stairs and I saw grandma obviously she was ready to go her sister was there and grandma was bleeding. I think hemmoraging because it was on her glove and she was worried about an infection. I kept chasing the pastors wife to catch up with her because I realized that I had her keys in her had (looked like house ,car, ect) I kept calling wait, wait , wait, at the same time I was calling her all these kids were running by me they were from first grade up to third or fourth I think. they ran past me and into the garage where I suppose the pastors wife was I dont know. I kept calling wait, wait, wait, then I woke up.

I get the repeated wait part. How did I feel - frustrated no one ever listens to me , and I have this great vision from God to do something for him. always help out at church with the youth. I don't know why my son was in it. I dont know why there was blood, and I dont know why I was stuck with keys that she obviously needed.

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