There's a problem with me...

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There's a problem with me...

Post by johanna roberson on Sat Aug 29, 2015 5:59 am

I was downstairs with my husband on the couch it was dark. When he said he was going out to eat. I was upset cause it was with someone other than me. So I went up stairs without saying a word to him. I laid there in bed and saw Eden( my children aunt on there dads side)
in the doorway on her knees. She didn't say anything. But my phone began to ring it was Sis Jacobs( shes a minister I know) but my vision was so blurred I could see her name but i couldn't make out whatever else was on the cellular phone. I didn't even answer the call cause a strong force was holding me from speaking. I was praying against it, it had a grip around my neck as if I was being choked from behind. The person I thought was in the hallway looked like a different being so I began speaking the word to it... Turned over and this force still tried to bind my tongue. I told the devil the was weak and I'm strong because God is great in me....the dream ended

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